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Japanese Acupuncture & Shiatsu Clinic

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Non-invasive and painless acupuncture

We take pride in offering a treatment method based on the principles of non-invasive and painless acupuncture.


Having brought the spirit of Oriental medicine to the Netherlands through education, rigorous training, and extensive practical experience in Japan,


We combine traditional acupuncture and shiatsu massage techniques with modern scientific knowledge to provide customized treatments for each client.


The valuable knowledge and skills passed down from Japanese masters over generations enable us to maximize your natural healing power, aiming for harmony between mind and body.

Accupuncture Treatment zen room


japanese massage bed
japanese massage bed

We believe that the different parts of the body are intimately interconnected, so it is necessary to look at the body as a whole when addressing a problem that combines the best of Eastern traditions while complimenting traditional Western medical practice.


Often a visit with a doctor for a new problem is remedied with medication. The medication may remedy a symptom but never resolves what is causing the problem.


I couldn’t recommend more this amazing place! All the acupuncturists - Ryu, Mariko, Hiroyo - are absolut magic, incredibly professional and really know what they are doing. I had so many differeng health issues fixed with their help in the past couple of years - can’t thank them enough! 🙏💛
Alexandra Losneanu

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