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Japanese Acupuncture & Shiatsu Clinic

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Non-invasive and painless acupuncture

We proudly offer a treatment approach rooted in the principles of non-invasive and painless acupuncture.

As a dedicated team of experienced Japanese acupuncturists, we bring together over 50 years of collective professional practice. Each member of our team is honoured to carry forward the traditional acupuncture techniques and profound knowledge inherited from esteemed masters in Japan.

Our tools of the trade are the finest acupuncture needles, meticulously crafted in Japan, ensuring the highest standard of quality. With these tools and our expertise, we are well-equipped to address an extensive array of health conditions, including those that might be undiagnosed or vaguely defined.

It's our mission to help you achieve the best possible state of health. Through our hands, we aim to bring about healing, relief, and a renewed sense of wellbeing.

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japanese massage bed
japanese massage bed

We believe that the different parts of the body are intimately interconnected, so it is necessary to look at the body as a whole when addressing a problem that combines the best of Eastern traditions while complimenting traditional Western medical practice.


Often a visit with a doctor for a new problem is remedied with medication. The medication may remedy a symptom but never resolves what is causing the problem.


Recently had another treatment at this shiatsu and acupuncture clinic due to muscle tension after bouldering and stress from my long working week. After the treatment I felt a deep relaxation in my muscles, especially in my forearms, back and shoulders. I had the shiatsu and acupuncture massage from Manaka Ogawa. Very nice if you need a moment of peace and relaxation. Especially in combination with loosening muscles after exercise.
IJsbrand Straatman

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