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What are illness and physical discomfort?


We inherently have a "natural healing power" that allows us to cure various injuries and diseases with our own life force. Minor wounds heal naturally, scab over, and eventually fall off. Even surgical wounds in a hospital only need to be sutured, the actual healing comes from this healing power.


However, what about those who are suffering from various chronic symptoms now? Oriental medicine considers such a state to be a "situation where the natural healing power is not functioning well.




It means that there are factors or conditions that inhibit the function of the  natural healing power.

  1.  Circulatory disorders of the blood (cold, congestion, blood, ) 

  2.     Weakened immune power

  3.     Hardening, tension, slackening of muscles and ligaments, physical distortion

  4.     Autonomic nerve or endocrine (hormone) imbalance

  5.     Chronic inflammation causing immune response in other parts of the body

  6.     Infections, lack or stagnation of qi (life energy) leading to lack of vitality


If these factors inhibiting natural healing power can be removed, the natural healing power will enhance itself, and various symptoms will move towards healing. Oriental medicine and our integrated treatment, based on acupuncture, guide you towards a healing body.



What is Traditional Japanese Acupuncture?

1. Strong emphasis on touch

In order to discover inhibiting factors, we utilize the delicate sense of touch developed through our years of therapeutic practice to its fullest extent. With skilled training, we are able to identify various physical signs emanating from the body through hands-on palpation. In a sense, this could be considered as utilizing a heightened sense akin to a human sixth sense.

2. Thinner needles

By integrating the latest and most advanced Japanese acupuncture products with the delicate palpation skills equivalent to a sixth sense, honed through years of experience and training, we have achieved the result of being able to extract the maximum therapeutic effect using minimal stimulation.


Who will benefit from the treatment?

Our integrated therapy is particularly effective for patients who have a fear of needles and those who are of a nervous disposition. By combining acupuncture and acupressure, we provide a non-invasive and gentle treatment. This method is also perfectly suited for children.


We especially focus on issues common in today's stress-filled society, such as aggravated stress (fatigue, anxiety, depression, insomnia), localized pain (migraines, neck pain, knee pain, back pain, lower back pain), gynecological disorders (menstrual pain, PMS, infertility), gastric problems (nausea, gastritis, acid reflux), and injuries (strains, sprains, bruises) 


View the Video of our treatments 

What is a situation where the natural healing power is not functioning well?

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