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What do we treat?



Physical Pain

.No one should have to live with pain, but which treatment is right for you?


Depression & Burn-out

Understanding Stress and Anxiety: 

How Acupuncture Works To Alleviate Stress. 


Everybody at one point in time in their lives has suffered from stress. Stress is a healthy response to something people feel is outside their control. When the body is healthy and the stress is only temporary the body can withstand it without too much damage to the person's health.



Women's Health

Traditional Japanese Medicine is extremely effective in treating symptoms associated with women’s health conditions. When a woman’s body is in balance, the menstrual cycle should be regular with no symptoms before, during or after the menses. Conception should come naturally and menopause is seen as a time of transition but ideally should have no symptoms other than the cessation of the menses. If you are experiencing negative symptoms, acupuncture can likely restore harmony and balance to your body.


Digestion Disorders

Digestive disorders indicate disharmony between the body organs responsible for digestion. This disharmony is commonly caused by various lifestyles, emotional excessive stress, anxiety, worry, etc, and dietary factors, which put a strain on the digestive system. 

When prolonged over a period of many months or years, digestive disorder imbalances occur. 



Sports & Dancing

Sports acupuncture involves a combination of orthopedic treatment and Eastern Medicine techniques to treat injuries and disorders common among athletes. 

Our sports acupuncture treatments are designed to restore muscle balance and integrity through the needling of anatomically specific points



Facial Rejuvenation

What can I expect during facial Acupuncture?

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