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What are illness and physical discomfort?

Illnesses and physical discomforts are common issues we all face. We have an inbuilt ability, known as "natural healing power," to heal wounds and fight off diseases by ourselves. For example, small cuts heal over time on their own, and even after surgeries, it's this power that primarily heals us.


However, what happens when people are dealing with ongoing chronic conditions? These situations are seen, especially in Oriental medicine, as instances where our natural healing power isn't working as well as it should


There are various factors and conditions that can interfere with our natural healing ability.

Unlocking Your Body's Natural Healing Power

If we can address these issues that hinder our natural healing power, it will strengthen itself, and various symptoms will begin to heal. Our approach, rooted in Oriental medicine and incorporating acupuncture, is designed to help guide your body back to health.

What is Traditional Japanese Acupuncture?

1. Harnessing the Sixth Sense in Traditional Japanese Acupuncture

Our treatment approach is centered around the refined sense of touch that we have honed through years of therapeutic practice. We utilize this keen sensitivity to identify factors that may be hindering a patient's well-being. Through skilled palpation and manual techniques, we are able to detect various subtle signals emitted by the body. This process can be likened to employing a kind of advanced sensory ability, similar to a human sixth sense.

By employing this method, we are able to listen to the body's whispers and decipher its messages. This represents an invisible yet crucial aspect of traditional Japanese acupuncture, showcasing our unique ability to communicate with the body on a deeply intuitive level.

Who will benefit from the treatment?

Our integrated therapy is particularly effective for patients who have a fear of needles and those who are of a nervous disposition. By combining acupuncture and acupressure, we provide a non-invasive and gentle treatment. This method is also perfectly suited for children.


We especially focus on issues common in today's stress-filled society, such as aggravated stress (fatigue, anxiety, depression, insomnia), localized pain (migraines, neck pain, knee pain, back pain, lower back pain), gynecological disorders (menstrual pain, PMS, infertility), gastric problems (nausea, gastritis, acid reflux), and injuries (strains, sprains, bruises) 


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