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Clinic Price Update & Operational Changes

Dear Valued Clients

We extend our deepest gratitude for your continued patronage of our clinic. Today, we wish to inform you of a crucial update regarding our operational practices and the forthcoming adjustments to our pricing structure.

Our clinic is committed to delivering high-quality treatment, which is why we source our SEIRIN Japanese acupuncture needles for their superior quality and efficacy directly from Japan.  However, recent global logistics challenges have made it increasingly difficult to import these essential tools.


As a result, we find it necessary to procure these needles directly in Japan, a measure critical for maintaining the quality of care you have come to expect from us. Additionally, the recent inflation has led to an increase in our fixed costs, including rent, necessitating an adjustment in our treatment fees.

Considering these factors, we will be adjusting our treatment prices starting the 6th of May. This decision, made to preserve and enhance the value of our services, is one we hope you will understand and support.

From 6th May 2024 

Acupuncture & Shiatsu Massage Treatment 120 min € 132

Acupuncture & Shiatsu Massage Treatment   60 min €  88

Exclusive Offer  Zen plans

In light of the price adjustment, we wish to highlight the 'Zen of the Garden Quest 90min Package Plan' as an example of how the new pricing system will be implemented.


Purchasing this package before May 6 offers a savings of €160


Allows you to benefit from the current price, offering a savings of €160 (comprising an €80 discount plus an additional €80 accounted for by the price adjustment)

We are also excited to introduce the 'Passage to Japanese Wellness 60 min' package at €800 for 10 sessions, plus 1 additional session valued at €80, free of charge. offering a savings of €160

米 please use coupon code japan to get 10% off until 5th May


This package can be shared with partners or family members, providing flexibility and shared wellness benefits.

Should you have any questions or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact our clinic.

We eagerly await your continued support and understanding.


Thank you for being a part of our journey towards better health and wellness.


The Team

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