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Acupuncture Restores Fertility

Updated: May 10

Acupuncture restores ovulation in women presenting with anovulatory infertility. Affiliated Hospital of Henan Tuina Vocational College (Luoyang, China) researchers compared two treatment protocols. One group received acupuncture plus and herbal medicine (Bu Shen Tiao Zhou herbal protocol), another received herbal medicine monotherapy.

The group receiving both acupuncture and herbs had a total effective rate of 89.13%, compared with 65.22% in the herbal monotherapy group. [1] Based on the evidence, the hospital researchers conclude that acupuncture improves hormone levels, promotes ovulation, and is worthy of clinical application.

A total of 92 women with anovulatory infertility were recruited for the study and were assigned by random number table to the acupuncture plus herbs group or the herbal monotherapy group. Exclusion criteria were anovulation due to genetic, immune, or congenital factors, or physical issues of the uterus. Women with concurrent endocrine disorders, liver or kidney dysfunction, hemopoietic disorders, or cardiovascular disease were also excluded from the study. The women underwent fasting blood tests to confirm normal hormonal levels, including LH (luteinizing hormone), FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), PRL (prolactin), E2 (estrogen), and T (testosterone).

Following randomization, the acupuncture plus herbs group was comprised of 46 women, ages 22–43 years (mean age 31.54 years). The participants had a history of anovulation betwee