Integrative Medicine specialists
Keisuke Ogusu 小楠 恵亮 
born in 1980 in Shizuoka Japan

After high school, KEISUKE played with the profession Japanese football team HONDA FC as well as FW.MF, but regretfully retired after an injury. 

This created a strong desire to cure not only physical disabilities due to injury for people, regardless of age or gender, but also to cure from within.  He has extensive experience in Western and Eastern modalities for treating both physical and mental issues.

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My Story

I started my career in orthopedic surgery and provided treatment at an osteopathic clinic as well as an acupuncture clinic, focusing on how to perform appropriate treatment and mental care to minimize the burden on the body as well as the mental burden resulting from injuries.


In orthopedic surgery, I learned the treatment protocols based on anatomy and physiology through Western medicine, as well as treatment for fractures, sprains, dislocations, ligament tears and injuries, muscle injuries, lumbar and neck hernias, stenosis, and paralysis due to brain damage.

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In addition, through acupuncture, based on Oriental medicine, I learned about treating  various conditions and visceral diseases.


I learned to efficiently identify treatment methods that enhance the body's self-healing ability through the promotion of blood circulation. 


Last, but not least, I created a 'beauty' acupuncture treatment, which restores the client by making use of The Third Eye (inner eye), benefitting your intuition, imagination, and self-control, as well as providing a rejuvenated appearance. 

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