Integrated treatment is a system of assessment and treatment that focuses on the relationship between the body’s structure and its integrated functions. A dysfunction in one of the structures will influence the functioning of another part of the body- for instance, the joints, organs, muscles, and tissues.
Traditional Japanese therapy uses non-medical and non-surgical avenues to enhance your body’s innate healing ability. Very safe, gentle, hands-on techniques (structural, myofascial, craniosacral, and visceral) are used to research where the problem lies, and then to release the physical strains in the tissue and normalize body mechanics. The ultimate goal is to re-establish synchronous, harmonious relationships amongst your body’s systems to allow the natural manifestation of health.

We practice an integrated approach to each patient’s healing process.
We examine the overall function and alignment of the body to ensure that the underlying cause of a problem is addressed, rather than just its symptoms. This can help to provide long-term change and improvement. Each individual’s own restorative processes can be facilitated by these manual techniques.
Injury, disease, and/or surgical intervention affecting one part of the body can affect another part through a compensation process that the body uses to manage the pain. Often these compensations are also painful as they compensate for the decreased strength and motion in the injured area.
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