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Emotional & Psychogical Issues

Understanding Stress and Anxiety: 

How Acupuncture Works To Alleviate Stress

Everybody at one point in time in their lives has suffered from stress. Stress is a healthy response to something people feel is outside their control. When the body is healthy and the stress is only temporary the body can withstand it without too much damage to the person's health.

However, continuous stress, extreme stress or both of them can cause serious emotional and physical problems to one's health. And, this needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.


This stress response worked extremely well for our ancestors in the wild but not so much today when the threat is from typical long-term modern problems such as trouble with coworkers or superiors, family issues, financial problems or aspirations.

The Long Term Effects Of This Natural Stress Response 
Signs and Symptoms of Stress:

Easily angered

sleep problem


Weight problems

Food and cigarette cravings


skin problem


Compromised immune system
Cardiovascular disease
Digestive disorders
High blood pressure
Joint Pain

Muscle pain

Acupuncture treatment 

If a person’s body experiences symptoms of imbalance, it means the energy flow is either blocked, deficient, or out of balance. Both physical and emotional wellness depends on a smooth flow of energy throughout the body.


Traditional Japanese Acupuncture balance energy by harmonizing the flow the energy, the result of which is smooth flow and thereby reduces and/or eliminates stress, anxiety and panic attacks.


Each emotion relates to a specific organ. The five emotions are joy which affects the heart energy, fear/fright which affects the kidney energy, sadness/grief which affect the lung energy, anger/frustration which affects the liver energy, and worry/over-thinking which affects the spleen energy.


The energy required for the working of the body flows in a particular path and the meridians or nodes of this energy path can develop some blockage over time. Acupuncture stress relief removes these blockages to increase the blood circulation and make you feel healthier.

Acupuncture will unblock the nodes or meridians, remove the stress points, and will make you more relaxed.

Acupuncture heals the body completely, brings good circulation of blood, emotional balance, prevents mood swings, and brings added energy for all activities. Stress relief means a stronger you who can do more and work with more concentration.

Acupuncture stress removing technique is gaining so much popularity as this reduces the intake of prescription drugs that have side affects and also can damage your liver.

Acupuncture stress relief is gaining popularity in the USA ,UK , Japan especially in London where I used to work, as this requires taking no medication and is not painful. 

stress relief

When I treat people with stress and emotional disorders using acupuncture and I tailor an individualized and focused treatment strategy to the specific imbalances of each person.

The results of acupuncture for stress relief are definite and probably most people feel some positive signs in their body after acupuncture.