After each acupuncture treatment my symptoms come back worse
This is that as your body start understanding the change involved in moving toward health, things get stirred up. This can cause not only an exacerbatin of current symptoms but also the recurrence of previous ailments that had been dormant.

Acupuncture awaken your healing capabilities with that can come an onslaught of bodily awareness. This usually is a positive experience but it also can mean heightened sensitivity or intolerance for things that previously felt normal. Example of this
Is someone who unconsciously adapts to stress by tightening and hunching up his shoulder after a n acupuncture treatment once this person's bodily felt sense has been woken up his mild upper back and neck tension might start screaming.

The good new about this side effect is that it's a sign that things are moving. In the case of Acupuncture, this mean that the primary objective is being met. That is you're starting to transition on multiple levels from stuck to unstuck.