Japanese Acupuncture & Shiatsu clinic

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The non-invasive, pain-free Japanese acupuncture originated in China and this healing method has progressed in unique ways under the considerable influence of blind practitioners in Japan. Compared to the traditional Chinese acupuncture, 

Japanese acupuncture techniques are gentler and subtler. “Touch-needling” or “Contact-needling”, the needling technique used in Japanese acupuncture treatments, relies heavily on palpation and touch for diagnosis.

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We believe that the different parts of the body are intimately interconnected, so it is necessary to look at the body as a whole when addressing a problem that combines the best of Eastern traditions while complimenting traditional Western medical practice. Often a visit with a doctor for a new problem is remedied with medication. The medication may remedy a symptom but never resolves what is causing the problem.

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Today I received treatment from Mr. Keisuke. He checked my condition very throughly and careful. He is very kind and friendly, can’t wait for my next session!

Ratih R. 

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