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How to find Amstelveen clinic

Amstelveen clinic

※ in Stadshart  area 3nd Floor
1181GE Amstelveen (Rembrandthof)


The entrance is located between Entre 2 and Entre 4 in Stadshart, and the building is named (Rembrandthof) 

There is a  rembrandthof sign outside the building. Please enter the building through the door below that sign and proceed to the 3rd floor.


Please note that there is no nameplate for Japan Acupuncture Clinic on the ground floor in front of the building.


However, nameplates are located within the building on the ground floor and on the 3rd floor.

Please arrive 10 minutes early for your initial visit to complete your medical record form.

photo-output (3).jpg

※ Stadshart 敷地内 3階

Entree 4 を正面に見て左手ビル (Rembrandthof)


ビル外側一階に Japan acupuncture shiatsu clinicの表札は御座いません。




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